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We created WEnnovate to provide a space to highlight and raise awareness of the contribution women in STEAM provide to innovation. We have two goals in mind: 1) to get more women to stay in leadership roles in innovative industries (we need more women at the decision-making table) and 2) to help women founders receive the funding their need for their scaling start-ups. Women receive less than 5% of the 5% of funding given to start-ups. That's just insane!

Women leave science and technology roles at a rate of 42% or higher. Why is that important? Science and technology are an integral element of our ecosystem. It shapes all that we do. Our voice, our personal experience, our opinions, and perspectives need to be part of the technologies that impact our daily lives. 

Diverse voices, cultures and gender are critical to creating smart solutions that shape our lives and the way we live.

This community is about supporting women and marginalized groups to grow & stay in their careers. To enable them to be in positions to make decisions that represent ALL of us.

Mentoring, masterclasses, workshops, relevant podcasts and stories are all ways that we connect, exchange and support.

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WEnnovate wants to stimulate growth, exchange and connection with peers. Let’s join the dots by linking you with mentors and linking mentors with you. We will match you with the best fit. Connect with us.

Scaling Start-ups

Growth comes in many forms, one of which is learning from others. Our accelerator program takes female founders who have been generating revenue to the next level. Get the playbook on talking to investors, connect with other women in your position, and learn how to be a leader at the highest level.

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We believe in learning as a way to grow and create. WEnnovating never stops for us.

Our ongoing relevant masterclasses will keep you on point and give you practical hands-on knowledge to further your development. We promise energy, valuable exchanges and useful everyday tips in all our classes.


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